Regina Celeste

The Brand

Regina Celeste is an artist and a brand for permanent makeup. She is dedicated to bringing the art of design and the science of color to each of her clients. For over 25 years Regina has been creating beautiful transformations with cosmetics and hair color. Today Regina’s own personal passion is to bring the highest standards in designs and color concepts to permanent makeup for the most beautiful and natural looks.

The Art of Design

Art is an imaginative and technical skill that comes to life when created with passion, training, and skill. Artisans in permanent makeup work in a flow and are energized by the work they do. Regina sees each encounter with the client as a work of art, and an experience to be appreciated; her attention to detail, awareness of balance and conceptual symmetry has made her stand out as a genuine artist.

Color Science & Art

Regina relies on two forms of science when determining correct color choices for her clients: the color wheel and Fitzpatrick. When you understand the sciences you can create art and give natural results to each client knowing the fade and oxidation will be tone on tone.

The artistic side of color is unabridged and always an inspiration for Regina, who blends the most beautiful tones and often multi-dimensional looks. Regina brings the science of color and the art of color into tandem to work together for her client; to see the art and to feel like they are wearing something beautiful!