Permanent Lip Liner
Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement
Permanent Lip Liner
Eyelash/Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement is a soft shading between your natural eyelashes using a moderate to dark pigment. It is tattooed directly between the lashes on your natural lash-line, giving the appearance of fuller and denser eyelashes. This procedure is very natural and gender neutral. It is often requested by clients with genetic Hypotrichoses or Alopecia.

Price: $275

Permanent Eye Liner

Regina uses advanced permanent eye liner techniques with multiple colors, often tri-toned and graduated color, to achieve a professional and natural look that truly pops. Regina begins all of her eye liner services with a natural-looking eyelash enhancement (no extra charge), which provides a beautiful foundation.

Price: Lower – $275, Upper – $300, Both – $450

Eyebrow Shaping/Filling

The most popular techniques are known as “hair-stroke” and “powder-fill.” Most clients with sparse to non-existent eyebrow hair will benefit from the beautiful base of a powder-fill, followed by the individual hair-strokes. A new design to the eyebrow will shape the eye nicely and virtually eliminate daily maintenance.

Price: $450

Full Lip Color

The most popular full lip color technique involves a combination of lip color and lip liner that allows you to simply apply sheer lip gloss to achieve that great, put-together look. Permanent lip color gives clients the benefit of attractive lip color to match their complexions without any time-consuming reapplication efforts.

Price: $550+

Lip Liner

Your lip line produces a natural boundary that defines the shape of your lips. Often times, this boundary is not as symmetric as people would like. Regina uses techniques to blend a natural and harmonious design and create symmetry for the client’s lips. This procedure can be done on its own or in combination with permanent lip shading.

Price: $350, $450 with partial lip color

Areola Restoration

Areola restoration is most common for women who have undergone a complete mastectomy. Some doctors do provide this work, but many people prefer a permanent makeup professional who has more artistic expertise. Common requests include enlarging the areola size, adjusting the shape, and adjusting the color.

Prices quoted after free consultation

Scar Camouflage

Scar camouflage can create a dramatic reduction in the appearance of scars, regardless of severity. Regina will customize a process tailored to your needs and desires, starting with a consultation. The tattoo pigment works in tandem with the needling to reduce the visibility of the scar and make it blend it with the rest of the skin.

Prices quoted after free consultation

Vitiligo Camouflage

Vitiligo is the absence of colored pigment within the skin tissue, which creates white patches on the skin’s surface. Vitiligo can also affect the mucous membranes inside the nose and mouth. Regina’s services will transform the light patches to match her client’s personal skin tone, restoring the skin’s natural colors.

Prices quoted after free consultation

Hairline/Alopecia Camouflage

Permanent hairline solutions add the appearance of density and fullness of the hair, making any hair loss much less noticeable. Any part of the hairline or scalp can be camouflaged to the color of the hair. This service is popular for anyone suffering from hair loss, but particularly to clients with Alopecia.

Prices quoted after free consultation

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